Business as Activists

radar-1410_newsstand_image.pngMy editorial Radar: Issue 05 — Autumn / Fall 2014 Unusual Activsts: The Rise of Campaigning & Advocacy in Sustainability Strategies

A corporate client once commented on how she welcomed the pressure that NGO campaigns put on her company. She observed how activism made it easier for her to demonstrate the need to embed sustainability into every aspect of the business

Campaigners do a great job of putting the spotlight on environmental and societal imperatives and traditional activist organisations such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam and Amnesty have been at the heart of this. But we are now seeing the emergence of some very different types of activism and in this autumn/fall issue of Radar we take a look at the rise of the ‘unconventional campaigner’ and how they are inspiring and creating change.

Stepping out of the shadows are companies themselves with business starting to become increasingly outspoken on issues (Business Finding its Voice: The Rise of Campaigning & Advocacy in Sustainability Strategies). The most progressive are using their clout and influence to help shape more sustainable behaviour and choices across the economy (In Focus: Aaron Frank, The Walt Disney Company / From Base Camp to Summit: Mike Barry, M&S). However, such activity is still relatively rare and some sectors need to step up and take a stronger position on issues that are critical to the future of society (Focus on Pharma: Creating a Market for Disease Prevention).

We also take a look at the rise of ‘people-powered’ movements as citizens step out from behind membership organisations to target companies and other institutions more directly (Meet the Activists: 38 Degrees). The media sector’s ability to challenge, investigate and inspire (all the hallmarks of a good campaign) have long held promise for the sustainability agenda and we examine the important and still evolving role the sector plays in calling out corporate malpractice as well as showcasing more sustainable solutions (The Journalist’s View: Sarah Murray).

We also feature an interview with our co-founder John Elkington on his new book, our regular Quarterly Trends and the latest survey with GlobeScan on how transparency drives performance.

We hope you enjoy this latest edition of Radar and as always look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

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