Improving air quality around schools to protect children

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for school streets. Closing streets to traffic at school times and reallocating space to walking and cycling can help maintain physical distance amongst parents and children and improve air quality.

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The Activist Companies

I spoke to Christopher Davies, International Director of Corporate Responsibility and Campaigns at The Body Shop International and Chris Gale, European Social Mission Strategy and Policy Manager, Ben & Jerry’s, two companies with a long history of social activism, to learn how business can leverage their capabilities and influence to mobilise supporters towards action in support of social change. Continue reading “The Activist Companies”

Brandalism COP21


The Brandalism campaign caught the attention of the press and the public with 600 posters critiquing the corporate takeover of the climate talks. Artworks installed in advertising spaces across Paris challenged the environmental credentials of car manufacturers, airlines, banks, fossil fuel energy companies and polticians involved in the climate discussions.


The right sort of activism is essential to modern democracy – John Elkington

Business Finding its Voice

Patagonia’s Black Friday Ad, The New York Times 2011 

We have long known that multinationals are powerful agents of global change. Their potential to motivate, persuade and mobilise is enormous. Whilst it is unlikely that we will see activists from big business scaling the glass walls of Europe’s tallest building any time soon, we are beginning to see companies becoming increasingly outspoken and using their influence to more actively shape the debate to engage and mobilise other actors towards a more sustainable economy. Continue reading “Business Finding its Voice”

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