When Campaigners and Business Meet

“Space is a social product… it is not simply ‘there’, a neutral container waiting to be filled, but it is a dynamic, humanly constructed means of control and hence of domination, of power.” Henri Lefebvre

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See You in Court: The Rise of ‘Legal Activism’

In the last couple of weeks we have seen campaigners in court. Not for direct action that has long pushed the boundaries of what is lawful, but on the ‘other side’, challenging authorities for inaction on environmental issues.

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Brandalism COP21


The Brandalism campaign caught the attention of the press and the public with 600 posters critiquing the corporate takeover of the climate talks. Artworks installed in advertising spaces across Paris challenged the environmental credentials of car manufacturers, airlines, banks, fossil fuel energy companies and polticians involved in the climate discussions.



The right sort of activism is essential to modern democracy – John Elkington

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